Talking to Cops

by Epilude

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"professionally recorded at basement star studios"
all songs written by Brad Rosenberg and Eric Holsten with Epilude

impromptu records #3


released February 28, 2015

Brad Rosenberg - vocals
Eric Holsten - guitar, vocals
Lucas Jampolsky - bass, vocals
Dean Scordilis - drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Epilude Closter, New Jersey

formed in
performs in

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Track Name: sadlibs (I was depressed in college so I watched a lot of movies)
I live in a sorority somewhere here on village street
don't know how I landed here just three other stoners and me
mateo says our kitchen smells well he can go live with the girls
the bathroom is reeking while I'm out here puking

sorority blues
we're surrounded
always complaining about the bathrooms reeking
stay content for fear of them ever calling public safety on me

why look so good?
when that's really all you've got
bout that conceited shit up at me
clearing to wondering the rise of the robots
Track Name: breakfast epiphanies
is having a good time
except for me
and I want to badly, badly

went skinny dipping in the pool
I was at the bottom drowning, drowning

I want an empty tombstone
I want everyone to leave me out of it
I want a wordless epilogue
so the words I say stay with me

narrow slits can mean a lot
when they put you into meetings in churches
but why, I've been agnostic all this time
nobody deserves the right to understand me
so they label me a freak, cause I'm a freak
no phone calls coming in
I'm a black sheep
Track Name: pinky toe
some people take the most perfect pictures
walk side by side with their friends
looking good, feeling fit!
that's when I get most out of shape
and that's when I get most scared of confrontation

today is getting hard
bound by wires of isolation
rotating objects at foundations
the honeymoon's a goner

saying nothing standing sideways
in solitude again, I guess
time goes by way too fast when we are
watching evil dead 2, touching bear feet

I promise everything's a go
I promise everything's a go

underneath the blanket, let's just face it
I've been crying lately
my friends don't think you hate me
let's just keep it like this--keepsake crisis

everything gets better man, so shut up
don't fuck your life up
turn your fucking lights up
when you fucking call her
don't ever act so cut up
don't ever act so cut up
everything in your life could be safe

so I fell in love
stopped in limbo, lit a candle
to see clearly what's really going on
rise, the sun is up
so see beneath my skin
I promise you everything's a go
I promise you everything's a glow