by Epilude

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"professionally recorded at basement star studios" on june 22nd and 23rd with no air conditioning (it smelled)


released June 29, 2015

all songs written by Epilude

Brad Rosenberg
Dean Scordilis
Lucas Jampolsky
Eric Holsten



all rights reserved


Epilude Closter, New Jersey

formed in
performs in

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Track Name: Festie Season
Like a buzzing room of hornets
I'm gonna Peter & Bjorn it
'Cos I'm a John, destined to be shat on
Constantly, figuratively speaking, see
It ain't no conspiracy

Coffee ciggy junkie child
Most likely bound to meander for a while
At French Woods Festival
Where the sun is always wonderful
It's Lefty and Adam Levine
Spitting bars in a port-a-potty
Snorting bars in a port-a-potty
It ain't no conspiracy

It's festie season
Turn down for no reason
My outfit's so in season
And everybody's cheesin'

Goons on deck
On a caravan
Driving cross country in my mom's sedan
Got a bag of coke and a blunt in my hand
The road is water and the grass is sand
Ain't no conspiracy a hippie delusion
When poppin fuckin' mollies is the fuckin' conclusion

Safe to say
We can wait
A sunny day don't keep your head down
Track Name: I Love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD

I love Hackensack PD
This man he shined his light on me
Didn't think that I was high on weed
I love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD

These boys they drive around the streets
Eating QuikChek subs with extra cheese
I love Hackensack PD
I love Hackensack PD
Track Name: Pot Brownie
Under eyelids blistered visions
Under table free admission
Classified we can't afford it
Manufactured and ignored it
Holden Caulfield in a cornfield
Phonies fear it but give in so
Easily they're great to work with
Just don't push sensitive buttons

In our next passing on the other side
Hopefully we'll party down
And honestly you should be happy there
Because on this side it's lonely now

While you're up there throw me down a tear
So that I know you'll still be here
I'll wear your outfit to comfort lonely years
But the past is still just present here
Track Name: Rockstar Chef
I don't know if you know Joe
His eyes wince when he talks about his band
Coming straight from the jelly of the jam
Sorry Joe--gotta go, yeah I know who I am

Hiding in the back again
I'm hiding in myself again
If I don't have no work to do
Are you gonna hold me?

I like talking to dogs
They don't speak, I ramble on
They sit by the windowsill
How come they're never bored?
I'm always bored.
And I'm ignored

Hiding from society
I'm hiding in myself again
If I don't have no work to do
Are you gonna hold me?

I'm good to go
Forever bored
I'm good to go
Forever alone